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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcome to the world

Being induced wasn't much fun.  They managed to "blow" (apparently a technical term) two of my veins before they got the IV in for the Oxytocin.  Then I was strapped into a contraction monitor, a baby monitor, and a blood pressure cuff (on my ankle, having destroyed my arms trying to get the IV in).

I wasn't allowed to eat, and the oxytocin was only increased every 1/2 hour to an hour "just to make sure" that all was well as they slowly got to the dose that would kick my body into labour.  It was a long boring wait.  I was allowed to be unstrapped for 20 minutes at a time to walk around the delivery wing of the hospital, and it was clear that I was the only one there for a birth.  So there was little to distract me from being nervous about the impending labour, beyond the nurses all hanging out and playing games on their cellphones.

Once my body kicked in labour was quick enough. A few (painful) pushes later and I was done in less then 25 minutes.

So here she is... Ms. Uliana!  At just 7 lbs, she seems so very tiny to me.  (Uliana is Russian for Julianna and is pronounced Oo-lee-Anna.)

As it turns out Christmas is a great time to be at home with a newborn. All you do is eat and sleep anyways!  Nikolai is adjusting well too, though he definitely is uncertain about his relationship with me.  I've made a special effort to spend time connecting with him and it seems to set his keel straight whenever he starts to steer off course. 

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