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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Strength in weakness

This is a super short blog update, as I failed to blog this week because of sheer exhaustion.  First Nikolai and Brad caught the tummy bug.  And then... it was my turn for the stomach flu.

Needless to say, it absolutely wasted me.  I was only sick for 24 hours, but that amount of time without calories and issues with staying properly hydrated were more than my body could cope with.  The baby always takes what the baby needs, so I was left with very low blood pressure and generalized weakness.  My midwife gave me a "prescription" with a recipe for three days worth of electrolyte replacement.

I'm now on my third day and I hope that I'll have my internal gyroscope back up and running by tomorrow!  (I've been taking all the good stuff that's available to us pregnant ladies.  Nothing as exciting as coldFX or oil of oregano.  But I feel confident that extra zinc, vitamin C and some probiotics will get this body back up to shipshape.)

Meanwhile, we did manage to get a tree up and decorated today!  It's our first Christmas tree EVER, so all the ornaments are hand-me-downs given to us by our parents.  I have goals to go out and buy some assorted red balls to brighten it up a bit, and take the edge off the fact that most of the ornaments are more than 10 years old (and I would be surprised if some weren't more than 30 years old!)  I'm sure that we'll have plenty of time to build our own collection of ornaments over the coming years. Now I'm just wondering if "Baby's First Christmas" will be this year or next...?

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