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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes the bear eats you

Someone sent their kid to preschool last week with a particularly contagious cold.  This week exactly half of Nikolai's preschool was missing, and those that did make it to school were all recovering from runny noses.  Nikolai was not the exception to the rule.

So we've had an exciting time of it this past week.  It all started when Nikolai came to our bedroom with a croupy cough last Friday night.  Like all young children with croupy coughs, he was quite upset and had difficulty breathing.  Luckily this was not our first case of the croup, so we took him outdoors for a breath of fresh moist sea air and he quickly recovered.  (Of note, we even tried to buy a humidifier at the local pharmacy, but the pharmacist talked us out of it, saying that the air in James Bay was always moist enough to cure the croup).

Nikolai quickly fell back to sleep, and we decided to have a parent sleep on a futon mat on the floor of his room.  Brad took the first shift, but was unable to sleep through all of Nikolai's wheezing and rasping, so I ended up spending the night camping out. The croup has since migrated through all of the possible stages of illness: sore throat, fever, laryngitis and now he is pretty unhappy with sinusitis.

But the week wasn't just exciting because of the croup.  On Sunday morning one of the other tenants accidentally broke a bottle of an illegal pesticide in the basement.  Luckily a Hazmat team wasn't required to clean it up.  However the clean up was a two day affair and we were required to leave our suite while the chemical "hydrolized".  Apparently the chemical was only a Neurotoxin and not carcinogenic.  Given that we're not all dizzy and suffering from nausea, we're probably fine.

So I bundled my sick Nikolai up and bused him over to Grampy's house for the night (Brad hauled our overnight bags on his bike).  The only catch to the plan is that the buses are on a "working" strike, and two of the buses we were hoping to catch were not running.  Nikolai was pretty feverish, and it was cold by Victoria standards (1 C), so I snuggled him up in my coat where he promptly fell asleep.  I can only imagine the sight we made with the two of us sitting on the bus bench for 45 minutes.

By the time the bus did arrive it was packed.  Luckily we made it on before the driver decided to stop letting people board.  However, after only going a few blocks, the bus broke down.  By this point I'd made friends with everyone around me on the bus, so my pretty shitty day made me laugh at the incredulity of it all.

At last we made it, and we camped out in Grampy's living room.  Though I was ready for some good rest, it was not to be. The night started out with Brad and I sharing the pull out bed and Nikolai sleeping on an improvised bed of couch cushions.  However, it ended with Nikolai refusing to sleep on the floor and me sleeping on the floor.  Yes, it was a weekend of "comfortable" sleep.

To end on a happier note, Christmas has apparently arrived in Victoria.  Like Ireland, it seems to have escaped the multicultural aspect of a "holiday season" and relishes in the Christmas-ness of it all.

Above is a photo from the Santa Claus Parade.  It's done after dark, which really spruces up those homemade floats (since we are a relatively small town, we don't get the big company floats that are so impressive in Vancouver's Christmas Parade).  Below are some photos of "Centennial Square".  They put up a Ferris wheel for the season, and at just $2 a ride it's a deal!  Unfortunately Nikolai isn't up for the ride. (Note my coat does a good job of hiding my belly! Clearly I need to get Brad to take a picture of my bump sometime soon.)

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