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Thursday, September 20, 2012

We can't return we can only look behind from where we came

Sometimes life offers up a crisis of faith... and being pregnant means that these crises often centre around my maternal instincts.  My latest crisis comes from an innocuous question asked by a friend living far away, "how are you doing up the nursery?"  Now anyone who knows my living situation realizes that a two-bedroom place does not have room for a nursery.  In fact, Nikolai only got a bedroom this past weekend... prior to this he was sleeping in a crib in our bedroom.

Voila, the crisis of faith.  Because, what kind of parents are we that our four-year old kid is sleeping in a crib in the corner of our bedroom?  It leads to other questions about our lack of normalcy... like why don't we have a car? or matching cutlery? or any of the things that I was told by various Parenting magazines that we need to be a good family.  And the answer boils down to one thing... our belief in the importance of having a parent stay at home... namely me!

In this day and age it's a luxury to be able to stay at home with Nikolai (and the baby in my tummy), but it is a luxury that we can only just afford.  It means that nearly everything we own is secondhand, and we live in a rented two-bedroom suite.  But it also means that we have time to spend playing with Nikolai, gardening, cooking meals from scratch, and indulging in the very Martha Stewart side of my personality.  So I must take heart, and reassure myself that we are ok with our chosen lifestyle. 

It is just an economic truth that most families must contend with... and I'm sure that we all struggle with such a crises in faith, whether we choose to go back to work or stay home. So I'm feeling a bit more bolstered now. And here are some photos that can stand as evidence for the fact that Nikolai and I do get to spend our days having fun together, and I will allow them to sooth the soul of a crazy-hormonal-pregnant lady.

First a picture of the boat pond with the pirate ship that Nikolai and I built.
And of course, we have spent endless hours picking blackberries along the side of the ocean.
As for my domestic side... here is the sweater vest that I knit for Nikolai's winter wardrobe (he loves sweater vests... and chose these colours).  We still are having t-shirts and sandals weather, and I couldn't convince Nikolai to try on this thick wool sweater, so here it is being blocked on the table.

Lastly, I have made a warm Alpaca hat and sweater for the baby.  A December birth is sure to require some extra warm wear.  Now can you guess what Brad saw on the ultrasound?  (It was later confirmed by the ultrasound report, so I'm not just knitting based on Brad's expertise!)
And for any knitters/crocheters out there... I highly recommend joining revelry.  I got all these patterns for free... but I mainly love the fact that I can see how the pattern knits up based on reviews, ratings and posted photos. 

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~Shannon said...

As a mother of four I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as a textbook parent. Just because you rent a house and don't have matching cutlery and don't have a car does not make you a bad or even abnormal parent. It makes you the parent you were meant to be.

Not only does my family not have a car, or matching cutlery, or own a house, we don't even own most of our furniture. (Our place came furnished) I was also lucky enough to stay home with my kids when they were young. One thing I have learned is it's not the material things that surround your family that are important, it is the time you spend with them and the things that you do that they will remember when they are older. Take advantage of that as long as you can!

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