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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Victoria Day!

Although Queen Victoria's reign is not celebrated in England (and certainly not in Ireland where she is known as the Famine Queen), her birthday is a holiday in Canada.  Most likely it is just an excuse for a May-based long weekend, but in Victoria (naturally named after the Queen) the day is celebrated with a parade.

Unfortunately, Brad brought home a flu from work, on the Thursday before the long-weekend, so by Monday it was my turn to spend the whole day in bed with a fever.  Luckily Brad and Nikolai took a camera with them to the parade, though they only made it through half of the 4 hour display.

Here are just a few pics from the parade.  It seemed to be a mostly local affair, although it was augmented by a number of high school bands that had travelled in from the USA.
My mom also came to visit for the weekend, and although we were generally a sorry lot, we did manage to take her to one tourist sight.  Though arguably since Emily Carr House is only four doors away from our house it didn't take much effort for us to get over there!  In fact, our house would have been part of the Carr family farm when Emily was growing up there.  (For those of you not really certain of your famous Canadian painters, Emily Carr is both famous for her painting and her writing).  Below is a picture of us on the front porch of the house.  It was a rather sunny day, and all our other photos are a bit over exposed.  I'm still dreaming of a better camera...

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