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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The miscellaneous deluge befalls us

Our stuff arrived today!!!  And it brings with it a host of feelings.  As I look at the posessions that comprised our life in Ireland, how could I not be filled to the brim with heartsickness for the life we left behind?  I am also overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to stash it all.  Our house lacks a front hall closet or a pantry, and I cannot imagine fitting all of the clothes in our small bedroom closet. 

We are so often caught up in our new life in Victoria that I don't have much time to pause and reflect. This afternoon we swam under the tidal wave of memories. Barely able to keep our heads above water as we pondered what to do with our excess umbrellas, shopping bags, shoes and towels.  But it is also a celebration of the things we have been waiting for: my bike, sneakers (trainers), clothes, toys, cookbooks and memories.

Now... I must get back to work!  In the photos Nikolai is wearing seasonally inspired bunny ears!

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