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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Constantly swimming against the tide

It is impossible for me to sit down, to pause for a moment, to catch my breath. I haven't had the time to respond to emails, or deal with the bureaucracy of moving back. At the moment I feel like every step forward results in the addition of at least two more items on my lengthy list of things that Must Get Done.  "It's important! Add it to the list!" is not helpful since it really is just a list of things that are forever to be left undone.

Previously I would have wondered about what kind of person doesn't bother to change their address within the month after moving.  Now I know the answer... because I am the lazy delinquent who can't get anything accomplished.  But I am an organized person... coming from a family of organized people... and an extended family of organized people (I'm guessing it was my neanderthal ancestors who were busy wrapping twigs up into a broom so that they could sweep out the caves).  So living with a chronically mounting To Do list does not feel all right.

So today's blog is therapy. Well, maybe not therapy... but a chance to list my excuses in a vain attempt to assuage my own sense of disarray.

Excuse #1: The Government of Canada does not provide free preschool.
In Ireland Nikolai went to preschool five days a week for three hours a day.  In Canada, preschool for a 3-year old is only two days a week.  If you want your kid to go more days, then you need to put them in daycare (creche). This loss of preschool time just happened to coincide with Nikolai finally giving up his nap. So all of a sudden I only get four hours of alone time A WEEK. 

Excuse #2: Brad has very little free time.
Right before leaving Maynooth Brad had four papers accepted for publication!  Yahoo! However, that meant that the required editing of the papers would have to be done after our move. Then there's the fact that Brad volunteered to be on the organizing committee for a conference... and the review period for conference submissions just happened to coincide with our move.  Lastly, Brad entered his new job during a period of project chaos.  As the new guy, his overtime hours were limited to just a few evenings. Regardless, the sum total of Brad's commitments has meant that he has very little time to spend assisting me with domestic pursuits.

Excuse #3: Our shipment has not arrived.
In fact, we were honoured with an email on February 7th informing us that our shipment had just left Dublin port. JUST LEFT, as in THAT DAY!  I am left to wonder at what Careline was doing with our shipment for the previous EIGHT weeks.  They picked up our boxes and charged us on December 16th!

But fear not, our boat finally arrived in Canada yesterday! The only trick is that it arrived in Montreal for processing and bureaucratic importing paperwork that will only serve to further delay it's arrival. Having already been required to show the list of declared items to the customs agents at the airport, I can say that "assorted stuffed animals, a wooden train set and other miscellaneous children's toys" were generally declared to be valueless.  While the government may not care about that collection of children's toys, I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

My three year old may be creative and imaginative, but he is sorely missing the company of his favorite toys. As it turns out, I am his only playtime alternative. So my list languishes with unaccomplished chores while I explore our new neighbourhood, play hide-and-seek and create an imaginary world out of the few toys we have left.

At this rate, it will probably be July before we finally get around to changing our addresses! Now, I'm off to get ready for our first set of visitors.  I hope they don't mind sleeping in a room full of boxes!  I'll let you know their review of our hospitality next week in the hopes of inciting all our Irish friends to make their way to our guest room in Victoria.

The picture above is from a shipping yard just a short 15 minute walk from our house.  Unfortunately this boat is full of logs and not our boxes! Below is some local seals begging Nikolai for food.

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