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Friday, February 03, 2012

And suddenly I'm shy

Moving is always difficult.  Our last move into the apartment with a castle view... without the furniture... and only a few carloads of stuff... was easy.  However, this move definitely is the most difficult we've ever gone through.  The logistics are all too complex.

To start off with, a good portion of our day-to-day items are on a boat... hopefully floating their way up along the Pacific Coast after crossing at the Panama Canal.  There's the piles of clothes and things we cared enough about to carry with us in suitcases.  Then there's the Storage Locker.  The Storage Locker deserves the italicized proper noun status because it truly is that ominous.  Everything we stored had a value that somehow made it worth it's place in the locker.  We didn't pack for practicality, we packed for our emotional connection to The Stuff.  And we densely filled that 7 cu.ft. space with so much Stuff that there wasn't an inch of wasted space.

So here I am on the receiving end of all this stuff that I loved.  And that's the punch line of it... I loved that stuff two years ago... but now... I'm wondering why we bothered keeping the set of martini glasses when we gave away the wine glasses?  What the hell were we thinking?  So instead of owning practical things like a bed frame or pots and pans, I am confronted with an antique ice block refrigerator and Brad's collection of old t-shirts.
My whine doesn't end there... oh no! I need a time machine to go back to my pre-Ireland self, and tell myself off for not thoroughly labelling boxes.  Like right now, I could really do with the computer speakers (music would make the chore of unpacking much more bearable).  I know we must have kept them, because I found the bass... but I've looked through nearly all the boxes in a desperate search for some music... and I've found a ton of stuff we don't need... fish bowl, lava lamp, Turkish coffee cups, Japanese tea cups... but no cooking pots and no freakin' speakers.

However, I don't want to leave everyone wondering about our welfare... trapped in a life without home cooked food (which would probably be my ultimate punshiment).  A friend of mine dropped off a complete set of well-used, but still quite nice pots, that should tide us over until we get our lives sorted out.

And just in case you were wondering... which you probably weren't, but hey, this is my rant... I've been to four different grocery stores and bought more than $500 worth of groceries, and I still barely have enough food to make a meal.  Mental note: buy salt tomorrow!

Photos: Above is the view from the ferry.  The funny thing about moving somewhere rainer than Ireland is that both Brad and I had wet feet nearly all of last week.  Below is only about half of my stored collection of antique jars... seriously WTF.

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