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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A novel

Anyone with some math skills or basic time management techniques would quickly come to realise that I have an awful lot of free time. Nikolai goes to preschool 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. That's 15 hours a week of free time!  Yet I am far too busy to blog...

So what is it that I've been doing?  And that has been my secret thus far... least until today!  After completing my second draft this morning I'm ready to share...
...I have been writing a novel.

I've always loved writing.  Even as a 6 year old dyslexic kid, I was writing stories full of creatively spelled words. I loved writing my Master's thesis. I loved doing technical writing. So when I was granted a huge chunk of free time, I decided to give it a go.  And here I am with approximately 60,000 words, divided up into 15 chapters. It's the usual stuff about relationships and finding yourself, etc. Much to Brad's chagrin it's not sci-fi or fantasy.

I know that I have a few more revisions to work on, but I suspect that they will go much more quickly than the initial ones. Which is a good thing, because BC doesn't offer a free preschool scheme, so I will be back to full time parenting status for another year and a half!  However, it is more likely that we'll move on to the working/daycare scenario. Either way my novel will be shelved.  This leads to the crux of my blog today... what do I do next?

This is not a plea for readers. I have no intention of distributing electronic copies for critique. The Internet is very clear on that... copyright and security is important. What's more, the few people I have told about my novel writing, generally respond with "am I in it? Did you write about me?" The answer to that question is simply, "no", I wrote about me! I am every character in the book, because how else could I possibly write about someone's experience?  Regardless, I've decided I don't need all my friends and family "reading" into the hidden meanings of my novel unless I'm going to at least be paid a royalty!

Back to my current pondering... does anyone have any advice?  From my Internet searching, it's clear that I need to get a literary agent... but how does one go about getting an agent?  I assure you, I haven't written a glorified blog entry. It's a full story, start to finish. It has dialogue and descriptions and everything you need in a proper story. I was thinking of posting an excerpt... but I'm still fuzzy on the copyright issue.

Below is the writer, walking around the chilly streets of Dublin... for a few more weeks anyways!

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