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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

--Forward: I (Emillie) was a bit busy at making Christmas decorations out of paper, so I put Brad to the task of writing the first blog entry from our vacation destination.  And the punchline... is Spain! Malaga's Costa del Sol muchos gracias. So this blog is truly a joint effort. --

We now feel completely justified in having fled the Irish winter to enjoy Christmas in Southern Spain. Upon arriving, our local guide mentioned to us that Benalmadena is a bit of a mecca for Irish vacationers, and sure enough as soon as we entered the city limits we spied five Irish pubs. (There are also two Dunnes stores on the coast!)

As for our vacation, we're almost following a standard script here, eating the citrus fresh from the front yard and swimming in the backyard pool. Nikolai was quite excited by the prospect of picking some fruit and dipping his toes into the warm water, but by far his favorite activity involves knocking balls around the billiard table.

Anyways, we're making the most of our time in the sun, and plan on visiting some local highlights. We've already spent an afternoon in Ronda and Malaga, and greatly enjoyed hiking around the old towns of both ciudads.

The picture above features "the Queen" picking an orange from the grove attached to our villa. Below is Nikolai and Grammy on the "honey beach".

Playing pool by the pool. The weather is balmy in the sun!

Posing on the stairs of the Malaga castle. The weather can also be quite chilly in the wind!

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