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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A blog of blogs

This week I have a story to tell, which I am not going to tell.  Some things are too personal for a blog. But I am so full of the story I cannot share, that my brain draws a blank for this week's blog.  Oh the unfairness of it all!  Cursed by the unsharable nature of a public blog.  It concerns Nikolai, an unfortunate mishap and a trip to Crumlin hospital. (Where they asked us our religion upon admittance!! Brad and I felt a bit odd as we answered "none".  We are very spiritual, ethical people. Does "none" describe our attachment to the universe and the grand design?).

Anyways, I can assure you as to the ending... all is well... and Nikolai is back to good form (meaning: good spirits and health).

But the Internet is a "forever" repository of information...
And Nikolai Zarikoff is such an easily google-able name (quite like his parents, Brad Zarikoff and Emillie Parrish)...
So the story of his mishap, at age 3, shouldn't be allowed to exist in such a public and electronic form...
Ah, the benefit of being John Smith, or really even Claire Parrish (sorry Claire!).  It allows for an Internet anonymity that poor Nikolai shall never have.  His life will be documented as he progresses through a series of on-line personalities, and it will be ever searchable.  Most likely this will not mean very much... as his current career goals extend to being an airport security person or a train driver. It is most likely that his life will not enter to the zone of public scrutiny... but you never know.  And I certainly don't want to start him off with an embarrassing story.

So instead today I will share a few interesting blogs that I love to look at occasionally.  Perhaps if I'd gotten a bit more sleep last night... perhaps if the wind weren't battering against my window... perhaps if I weren't so full of motherly feelings I would have written a proper blog.  Instead, I hope you enjoy the eclectic collection below:

FOOD: I like this blog because it tries to recreate authentic medieval recipes... and if you're a fantasy fan, then you might like the fact that the recipes all come from the Game of Thrones.

CRAFTS: About everything and anything crafty. Primarily a collection of inspiring ideas.

ENVIRONMENT: This is a pretty extreme eco-blog.  It's all about how to live plastic free.  It has loads of good ideas... but tends to make me feel a bit guilty.  However, I still check it out to renew my sense of eco-warriorness.

HOME: This is my secret obsession.  Really the only website, besides the BBC and weather, that I would check weekly.  It's basically "Good Housekeeping" with an artsy-hippie kind of twist.

ECONOMICS: Brad follows Engineering/PhD blogs. But last week he found this... and it's worth a gander if you really want to know who has all the money.

INFORMATION: This website is all about creating visual graphics to depict science.  My particular favorite is the graphic depicting the scientific evidence for health supplements.  It's good to know if it's worth shelling out for the latest fad.

The picture is of Steffi and I at a craft sale.  We've been very busy crafting this fall.  We still have some of the items left, and created an etsy shop to try and tap into the online market.  It was only after I started playing around on esty that I realized there are many, many, many, many people just like me.  Hurrah for the Stay-at-Home moms!


Lori said...

Oh no! I hope he is okay! Miss you guys!

A. said...

Ok, I totally fell in love with the recipe blog you just shared. Will definitely give it a try! :)

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