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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Passport Control

Baba and Deda are visiting this week. But I'll save my blog about their visit until next week, so I can fill it up with travel tales. So far we've mainly hung around Maynooth as Brad wont be taking time off until the end of this week.

But I have a goal to blog at least once a week, so a blog for this week is well overdue.  This one's a quickie to be sure... and focused on my passport application woes.

Now I'd just like to ask... who ever said getting a Canadian passport was easy? If that's the impression you were left with by the media then I hate to burst your bubble. In order to renew my passport I have to jump through more hoops that a circus pony!

To start off with, Canadian passports only last 5 years... mine doesn't expire until May... but that doesn't cover the 6 months required to cover my exciting Christmas plans (no spoilers here, but it doesn't involve us flying back to Canada). So as a citizen abroad I need an Irish Guarantor. A person of importance like a lawyer or doctor who's known me for more than 2 years... the first issue is the More Than 2 Years issue... we've only been in Ireland a total of 22 months now. A bit shy from the 2 year mark.

But any pony worth it's stuff can jump through enough hoops to get over that hurdle.  No problem, I can come up with 4 references located in Canada. And I can give my employment history for the past 5 years (spans two jobs and my current homemaker status).

So the second issue is known as the Addresses for the Past 5 Years issue... In the past 5 years I have lived in 5 different homes spanning 3 different cities and 2 continents. I've a good memory, but sue me if I can't remember the postal code for our old house on Salsbury Avenue (plus, layer on the guilt about our inability to provide Nikolai with a stable home... 4 homes in his wee short life is perhaps a bit disruptive?).

The third issue is the Proof of Identity issue. Birth certificate... got it... BC CareCard... done... Driver's License... umm... Driver's License??? umm... nope... Who'd a thought it was possible to reach the ripe old(ish) age of 32 without ever learning to drive a car?!  Luckily I have the only other possible substitute... and it doesn't expire until July 2012!  Hurrah for my BC ID... now I'm on my way to proving my Canadianess.  One horrid photo session and €135 later and I'll be the proud owner of another 5 years of travelling!

The picture is of Nikolai sitting between Baba and Deda at Connelly Station on the way to Howth.


Lori said...

Such a hassle! I still can't believe you have to renew every five years! (U.S is 10 yrs for adults, 5 yrs for kids).

Emillie said...

Probably just a source of income... rather than for any real security!

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