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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a Rather Blustery Day

Three days of windswept hair blowing in my face, three nights of howling wind cursing against my window pane has left me in a poetic mood.

As the hurricanes batter the coastal Americas
they are beaten back by the solidity of land into the ocean currents
only to be swept up along the Gulf Stream
to paw at my door.

Merely a kitten of their former lioness. The 130 km/hour winds sweep across the landscape, causing clouds and weather to rush past as though I were looking through a time lapse camera. Trees and electrical lines mostly hold fast, against this yearly and expected onslaught.

It is my bean trellis, only just born in June, that topples against the might of the endless, endless wind. The beans themselves are older and wiser. They hold fast, unperturbed as I and a fellow gardener struggle to lash them tight again.

As we work on his trellis, he is reminded of his childhood
a childhood dream disturbed
a night time waking to catch fast the boat
before it blows out to sea

Pulling fast the knots in a garden frame requires the same exertion of force to a retired professor as the moorings of a brawling boat to a child.

Endless, endless... the wind rushes through... to blow... my thoughts... to sea...

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