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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A wee bit of the Irish Luck


I'll finally deal with the elephant in the room...

The question that EVERYONE is constantly asking...

Our family want to know "when will you be coming back to Vancouver?"

Our friends over here want to know "will you be staying much longer?"

And the answer is "shove off!" Not very polite... but seriously... if I knew the answer we'd either be packing boxes to move back to Vancouver, or shipping the contents of our storage locker over to Ireland.

The answer will be solved when Brad gets offered the nebulous "position". Personally I'd like a pie chart of probabilities or a rough schematic of time lines... but life doesn't work that way!

Anyways, the topic is now a taboo one around the house, as it's just too stressful to consider. So when I found a four leaf clover in a local park, I felt obliged to pick it and take it home to Brad... then I found another one... so perhaps luck is coming our way.

Which caused me to delve into a more ephemeral question of: What is luck? And how would you know whether you had good luck?

Is winning the lottery "lucky"? Maybe, because you'd be rich. Maybe not, because everyone would be at you for money all the time and your personal life would go to pot.

Is getting a job in Vancouver lucky? Is getting a job in Ireland lucky? What about moving to a third location (most likely scenario in my histogram)?

And what I decided is that, in the world today, you are lucky if you have enough food, clean water, and not in a war zone. What more do we actually need? So I am lucky! I can walk Nikolai down to the playground, knowing that dinner is just a short grocery shop away and we can flush clean water down the toilet.

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Anonymous said...

I thnk you're luck to have been able to live and play and vacation (and whatever!) in beautiful cities! I'm jealous of all my freinds who have lived/worked abroad for long periods of time. And, as much as I would like for them all to come "home" and for us to be in one place, I consider myself lucky to know them all, and still be able to communicate with them, and hear their stories, no matter where they are.

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