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Monday, August 22, 2011

Among these hallowed walls

Given Brad's academic bent... and our feeling that we should see a wee bit more of the UK... we decided a trip to Oxford (en route to Auntie Claire's, of course) was in order.

I loved Oxford... but I would have probably loved it more if there had been more students and fewer tourists. Also, it poured cats and dogs all of our main day in Oxford, which really made us run to the museums. And run we did. The morning was spent in the Ashmolean Museum, where we saw an overwhelming amount of stuff. Mainly because Nikolai decided to tear through all the exhibits at a breakneck speed. ("Look at the big statue!", Look at the money!", Look at the blue rocks!", "Let's go upstairs to the very top!".) I think he was perhaps expressing his distaste for having spent the whole of the previous day in transit.
From there we went to the Museum of Oxford, which I would not recommend for adults... as it's pretty small, rundown and very unimpressive compared to everything else in Oxford. However, if you have kids, then I highly recommend it! They designed all the exhibits in the museum to be kid interactive (probably because they don't actually have any actual artifacts to display). We spent a good long time in the Alice in Wonderland room, where Nikolai served many cups of tea.

Next we went through my favorite museum of the lot. And with Nikolai asleep on Brad's back we were able to take our time; so perhaps that was why it was my favorite! Voila, some photos from the History of Science Museum. The first pic is of some astrolabes. I'm not sure what they do... but the museum is full of them, from all parts of the globe, and all different styles.And below is the "radio" that Marconi used for his demonstration in the British Post Office.In the late afternoon, and all of the next morning (before heading to London) the weather was significantly improved. So we managed to actually tour around Oxford. Nearly all of central Oxford is comprised of beautiful old buildings, like the one below.Here's a picture of Christ Church College, which was the start of the University, as a monastery in 1529.And naturally, we had a walk down the famous canal, and a picnic next to the Thames.Next up... London!

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