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Saturday, July 02, 2011

To be three

I don't do Nikolai posts a lot... however, here's a brief update on his latest personality shift.

Well, I had been warned by my friends with older children about the upcoming personality shift that occurs around the third birthday.

Because after age three children start to develop a new level of interpersonal skills that involves strong expressions of friendship (and not-my-friendship), extra whining and insecurity (ours focuses around the monster in his bedroom curtains... though being a bit metaphysical myself... I don't question this too much as we do live next to cemetery), along with questing for independence and self assertion.

Perhaps a story will demonstrate what I am talking about. Prior to his third birthday, Nikolai would put his foot down about something, and we'd have to assess his mood and our mood to decide whether it was worth the fight. However, yesterday we had a conversation that went a bit more like this.

Me: "if you do that again, I'm going to have to take it away from you".
Nikolai: "Why?"
"Because it will break"
"Because it's not yours to break".
"Because it's not a toy"
"Listen if you do that again I'm going to get really angry with you"

--a pause--
"How angry?"
"Really angry."

As it turns out my threat of "really angry" wasn't a sufficient deterrent. Clearly I'm going to have to rethink my parenting techniques...

Anyways, I've included some photos from Nikolai's birthday. We had a diet friendly cake of buckwheat pancakes and yogurt for the family party. Then I made a strawberry ice cream cake (a la Martha Stewart) decorated with borage flowers for his party with friends. The cake worked like a charm, but was impossible to cut.

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