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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Queen has arrived

We're having a fab time in Budapest... but I felt the need to post an article about a bomb found in Maynooth. According to the gossip, it was found on a 67a bus (yes Claire and my parents have all ridden on that bus), at the bus loop by the playground in Maynooth. Thankfully, the Gardai safely detonated the device... but I could do without such incidences.

While the Queen is not coming to Maynooth, she will be heading to some sites in Kildare. However, I imagine the bomb was Dublin bound (as it was a Dublin bound bus), so I'm certain that we'll be safe in Maynooth. With all this stress and negative press... oh why did the Queen bother to come to Ireland?

But she has arrived, and the show must go on. I don't think that simply showing up wearing an emerald green outfit will win over the hearts of the Irish population. I hope that she has an awfully good speech writer, because the Irish are famous for their expertise with rhetoric.

The photos are of Nikolai and I in the Labyrinth beneath Budapest's old town, and a family photo in front of the Fisherman's Bastion.

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