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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some gratuitous self promotion

A quick blog only, as our friend's Lindsay (Brad's friend from Castlegar... and my randomly assigned roommate in the University of Victoria (UVic)), Jeff (a class mate of Brad's from UVic) and their 6 month old son Zach have arrived! If you're good at extrapolation, I'm guessing you can see the 90210-style connections between our relationships... Lindsay introduced me to Brad on my first night in Victoria, and Lindsay would have met Jeff at Brad's first house party.   Anyways, a general gang of Castlegarians and Engineers featured prominently in my first few years of University... Zach and Nikolai are just a few of the consequences.

But this blog is all about ME, so let's get back to the topic at hand... namely, how do I avoid dying of brain-numbing boredom while staying at home with Nikolai all day. Well, I blog... I socialize... I garden... cook... clean... and... I paint! In fact I belong to the Castle Keep Art Group! And while we're all total amateurs this weekend, we're having our first art exhibition of the year (and art sale, to give you an inkling, my pieces are all running between €75-€160).

Tomorrow night is our opening party; wine, speeches, and local celebs will all be there. I am very much embarrassed, but excited too. Not sure how my art will be taken... at the moment I'm only painting with milk paint.
Milk paint is an old fashioned paint created from milk protein, lime and natural earth or mineral pigments. It is naturally non-toxic, low VOC and environmentally friendly (which is why I'm keen to use it). The colours are archival quality and won't change or fade over time (which is nice because archival acrylics or oil are very expensive).

The only trick is my palette is limited to natural colours, and so I don't have a full range of colours.  Also, the paint has interesting properties in regards to it's luminance and opacity, so it's often tricky to get a precise shade of colour. Anyways, I took photos of all the pieces I'm going to enter... and my website is not very current (and mostly features milk paint practice efforts) so I'll post a few pics here... just 'cause today it's all about me! (Jeff, Lindsay and Zach will feature in my next blog, but today I've sent them off to Newgrange to explore the prehistoric barrows which will probably feature in their blog sometime soon.)

They're ordered by date of creation... below is St. Patricks... from the cemetery at NUIM.

Saskatchewan 1

Sirince (inspired by Turkey)

My boat is so small (an experiment using fabrics to increase my range of colours and provide some texture).


The Tewksburys said...

This is such a great hobby and fantastic that you got to put it up for display! Did you sell any paintings?

Emillie said...

No, but I will be hanging some up in a cafe in Dublin... at the food co-op, so it's probably a better venue for my art.

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