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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting ready to cycle tour

In my last blog post I may have touched on the subject of the upcoming stress tests... and their importance... so I guess I should follow up on them. But the result was dismal. And for some reason the government has failed to do anything remotely useful about the issue. So the Irish population now owns 4 useless banks and non-existent tax monies will magically pay the bond holders thanks to at least two lifetimes of debt to the IMF. Needless to say, I don't much feel like blogging about this.

On a happier note, we have started the preparations for our next mini-cycle tour! This started with buying me a bike (I returned the borrowed one) one sale from the 2010 stock. It's a pretty skookum (a BC term meaning fast water... but used to indicated coolness) ride. I've talked a few friends into going on evening rides with me, and have a stated goal of a 40km ride at least once a week.

Yes, 40 km.

Now to some of you, that might seem like a lot. However, to those who know us better, it's a bit of a WTF (meaning huh?) as we usually run at 60-80 km in a day. But when you add a busy toddler into the mix, touring becomes more of a 40-50km day... because while we're quite busy cycling... Nikolai is quite... well... bored. He's usually good for an hour of sleep, but that's only 20 km worth of cycling. The remaining time is spent goofing around in his trailer, or enjoying the view from the bike seat (not much view available from a trailer).

Furthermore, after a nice two hour cycle, though we may be ready for a break, Nikolai is ready to burn some pent-up energy (add another two hours of exercise).

Anyways, today is Mothering Sunday!!! My day for a lie-in, breakfast in bed, a day free from chores! But alas, not for me... Brad is having a jet-set moment and is off for a conference in Udine, Italy (warm, sunny days, pizza, pasta, espresso, whine --Freudian slip--). With my parents arriving tomorrow... today is two loads of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, giant grocery shop, etc, etc.

But we foresaw this miss adventure of a Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day comes early 'round here). So yesterday was my day off and we took a family cycle to Howth (leaving from Drummcondra Station). And I cannot recommend this route enough.

1. It's dead flat.
2. Most of it is on bicycle lanes separated from traffic, with the remainder in a bike lane.
3. It follows the coast of Dublin harbour nearly the whole way.

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