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Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Here's a photo blog of the first hour of the parade. We arrived an hour early, and befriended someone else there with a two-year-old... thus we wound up with front row seats! A big advantage for viewing, but Nikolai couldn't handle the noise of the bands and float speakers.

The theme of the parade was a short story commissioned by Roddy Doyle. You can download it here: Brilliant. So each "float" depicted a chapter of the story. In summary: "a black dog of doom and gloom is chased away by some children." Clearly a hopeful message for Ireland! But the Gothic and graphic nature of the floats proved to be a bit much for Nikolai who spent most of the parade hiding... thus we left early (but that was our plan anyways, as we wanted to beat the crowds to lunch!)

A view of the crowds looking down O'Connell (at the Spire).

Nikolai and I awaiting the parade (I think the last 15 minutes were the longest of his life).

Saint Patrick in green shades.

Chapter 1 (not so frightening)

Much to Brad's delight, chopper bicycles were used to pull nearly all the floats (except the talking Napoleon boot was pulled by a tractor... not sure of the significance... must read the story meself).

Chapter 2 was all in neon.

The black dog of doom and gloom was being whipped by some very grotesque burlesque dancers.

Not so good for Nikolai's fear of trophy heads.

This would have been fine, if it weren't for the wolves frightening all the pj clad folk, who were screaming and running away.

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