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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The revenge of the fairy folk

This past weekend we went to the National Leprechaun Museum! Which was definitely more enjoyable for us than for Nikolai. I would describe it as more of an art exhibit that focuses on relaying Irish folkloric history. Nikolai found much of it to be frightening. He did really like the stories of folklore... it was just kid's exhibit of exploring the giant's home that he found way too frightening. It also didn't help that moving from room to room required walking through long dark corridors with echoing "leprechaun" music playing throughout.

Again, we got our tickets through a group-on, and I would say the price is only right; if you really like the folklore. And I did really like the folklore. Apparently Walt Disney created all the imagery that you know about leprechauns and faeries; and he got a lot of it wrong. The tales abound, and you can find a few of them by exploring the museum's website.

However, today I am going to applied what I learned at the Leprechaun Museum to explain Ireland's current financial crisis... Let's start with a few interesting fairy facts:

1. It's a misnomer to imagine that fairies are small pink creatures with wings... in fact Irish fairies look just like us, are the same size as us, and basically do human things... the only difference is that they are magical.

2. Fairies are bitter towards humans because when they landed in Ireland (along with all the other magical creatures -Tuatha Dé Danann-) the Gaelic people defeated them in war... and all the magical creatures were sent live underground. Their only access to the human realm is at night, in the hills, in the fairy forests, and in the wells (hence wishing wells).

3. Fairies are known for stealing all the brightest and best away and replacing them with changelings (perhaps this happened to most everyone in the Department of Finance?).

4. Fairies are also known to pay for things with fairy money which would basically turn into something useless, like dead leaves, once the transaction was complete... and perhaps you are starting to see my point?

Fairies are: identical to humans, bitter at being forced to live underground, and good at making money disappear. Sounds fairly similar to some of the heads of AIB, Anglo and Irish nationwide... I suspect that the Tuatha Dé Danann are taking their own out on the Irish population. There's only one way to prove this... fairies HATE anything dirty... so we need to reenact the tradition of spitting in our hands before shaking on deal. It's unfortunate that the 20th century fascination with cleanliness has resulted in such an economic disaster. I'd be willing to bet that David Drumm would balk at being asked to shake a dirty hand... yup... 100% fairy.

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