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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Elections

Today is GE 2011! And a media blackout on the elections doesn't require the parties to take down their election campaign signs. However, coverage of the election results will have to wait until tomorrow (and likely will continue until Monday) as all the ballots are hand counted. With the STV system, this hand counting becomes more complex. The first choice votes are counted first, then the second choice, etc. Obviously some shortcuts can be taken if a candidate is either overwhelmingly popular, or completely underwhelmingly neglected.

The other fun announcement on this morning's news was that the bank accounts from Anglo-Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide were transferred to AIB and Permanent TSB. For the average person this means that your bank account at a failing bank was moved (completely unchanged) to another bank (sightly less failing... though in AIB's circumstance that is not entirely assured). Perhaps this news coming out on election day was set to help the faltering Finna Fail party? Hard to imagine anything helping them out...

And here's a link to help figure out who YOU should vote for! ;-)

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