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Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding Reception

Here's a stab at my first ever photoblog! I've gathered photos from a number of different cameras, sifted through for my favorites, and created a compilation. E-mail me if you want the Dropbox photo link, which is much more thorough.

A general rule in my blog is not to include photos of people, unless I've asked them first. So I've tried to stick to that rule with all our guests... however, you may find yourself in the background of one of the shots. For those of you who weren't able to attend, this photoblog focuses on the details rather than the people (but see the Dropbox link if you want the faces of everyone who attended)!

To start with... the food... Season in the Park did a fantastic spread. We started with a salad of Mixed Seasonal Greens (with candied almonds, fresh berries, goat cheese and maple vinaigrette), then a main course of Wild Mushroom Risotto (with pecorino, truffle oil and wild arugula decorating the top):

The dessert was a Double Belgian Chocolate Truffle Fudge Cake. To die for... seriously...

With such a good dessert included in the set menu, how could I follow it up with my DYI promise of a homemade wedding cake? So we imported cheese wheels from Ireland (in order, top to bottom: Comox Brie, Crozier Blue, Corleggy, Gubbeen and Vegan Wild Mushroom Tapenade). My mother gets credit for fruit display, and my bouquet of herbs (on the table in front).

The bread salt and water featured on the table, are the only symbols that are used for worship in the Doukhobor culture. Since ancient times, Slavic people have greeted each other with bread, salt and water as the staples of life, to indicate that they come in peace and are willing to share the fruits of their labour. These objects profoundly reflect the Doukhobor way of life and the basic tenet of a "Toil and Peaceful Life."

We celebrated our wedding with an abridged Doukhobor ceremony, which included group singing of Precious Moments (actually sung in Russian) from our guests, a reading from each of our parents, and the bow and kiss ritual.

Now the people: first my family, with my sister Claire and my parents. Nikolai and Panda have matching bow ties! Pretty spiffy!

And a photo with Brad's parents. Brad's sister Michale & co. and his brother Peter & co. also attended. But a group photo with that many kids was not possible to organize in our well packed venue (66 guests and only 70 seats! We were packed in there).

However, they are all featured in this photo of our tables. They are all at the far table, from left to right: Michale, Andrea, Peter, Delphine (a cousin) and Rheece (with the camera).

The kids (Trisston, Trae, Penelope, Tyler and Ronin) probably all escaped to the rumpus room located downstairs.

But the best part of the whole reception was the fact that the sun in Vancouver came out in full force (a rare thing... the winter in Vancouver has 3x more rain then Ireland!) So we got to enjoy the view from our restaurant on the hill (the downtown core of Vancouver is featured in those high rises, for perspective... the tallest building in Vancouver is 61 stories tall).

Now if you didn't get a chance to attend, be sure to sign our guest book next time you're visiting!

(I let Brad choose the guest book, and he opted for a book on vintage hand built bicycles... not your typical guest book, but something he's been coveting for a while!)

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