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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Traveling toddlers don't need sleep

On the trip out to Ireland, Nikolai was only 18 months.  He slept much of the flight, freaked out in the Dublin airport and slept once we finally got to 11 Carton Square. I figured our way back (29 months) would pretty much be the same or better (as he now sleeps through the night, verbally communicates feelings, etc.)

I always knew that Nikolai was a partier... but this was extreme. He slept only 2 hours on the 9 1/2 hour flight. That would be fine if the flight had occurred during the day, as two hours is sort of a typical nap length. But this was an evening flight, with our plane landing at 2:30 am Maynooth time. So then I figured he'd fall asleep in the 1/2 hour car ride back to Grammy's... or after we arrived... or some time before 9:30 pm local time. He then woke up at 1:30 am demanding his dinner. Luckily he went back to sleep after 3 hours of play... for another few hours.

This lack of sleep was making Brad and I a tad grumpy... but not Mr. Nikolai. The next night was actually worse (hard to imagine that it was possible) with a wake up at 3:30 am... and no return to sleep. We did get to listen to several renditions of Twinkle Star, Hey Baby (not my choice of music, but a regular appearance at the Library story time) and travel related stories.

This morning we got to sleep until 4:30 am, so things are looking up! And my brain is finally together enough to blog.

We know we're back in Vancouver because:

- there's so much variety in the stores that we are at a loss when trying to shop

- the fruit is surprisingly bland (not sure why this would be... but sooo true. Perhaps it's less local? Would the Okanagan and California be further than France and Spain?)

- the cars are sooo polite! (ie. they stop at crosswalks and stop signs and don't park on the sidewalk)

- bikes are everywhere

Other comments:

- Nikolai was fed fruit cocktail as his dessert on the plane (see picture above)... and he was probably the only person waxing ecstatic over how good the food was.

- the view is breath taking (even Nikolai is in awe of the mountains)

- inflation in Canada coupled with deflation in Ireland makes us groan when grocery shopping. When we moved to Ireland everything was sooo much more expensive... but this doesn't seem to be true anymore.

- today is the first day we feel awake (though still under slept... but 6 hours is better than less), which is good because we're off to talk to the event coordinator at Season in the Park.

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