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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunshine and Candy Canes

Now that everyone across the water is worried about us being too cold (thanks for the wool long underwear, Baba and Deda!) and worried about the economy, let me paint a brighter picture.

The weather in Ireland is far "nicer" (by most traditional standards of evaluation) than what most of you in Canada will be living with right now. We don't have snow... shouldn't have any all winter... and we have frosts only about once a week. As for the pervasive Irish rain... well Vancouver is much, much rainier. In fact we've had gorgeous sunny, playground weather days all week (and most of last week... and predicted for much of the coming week). Nearly weekly I have to explain that in Vancouver it doesn't really snow (although apparently it did last night!) and they have around 300% more rainfall.

But it is colder in Ireland because of the mild climate. Thus no heating, insulation, etc. We've all bought new wool jumpers (sweaters) since living in Ireland... and are planning on packing our summer clothes for our xmas trip to Vancouver. (My parents' heating to 21 C will seem absolutely balmy to us, and we're a tad afraid of loosing our thick Irish skin. I truly think t-shirts and shorts will be the answer.)

And my second candy cane involves our last shopping trip to Dublin before we fly out (the next few weekends are for fun with friends, not for shopping). So grab a cuppa (black tea) and settle into my short story involving a cafe.

Now, a few months ago whilst walking around in Dublin, Brad spotted Bono (with his entourage) sitting on the patio of a cafe. Brad made me tour around the block again so that I could covertly get a look too. And while that was thoroughly embarrassing, it was also pretty interesting. Even when sitting having a cup of coffee, Bono looks just like he always looks... he must be permanently attached to those sunglasses. Fast forward to this weekend, when Brad and I tentatively stuck our heads into the Cafe en Seine to see if Bono was inside. Only to discover an opulent, art-deco masterpiece in the form of an affordable cafe/restaurant. So we sat down and had a tea (€2 would be a fairly typical price) and hot chocolate (€2.90, also typical) next to some movie producers talking about their next film. We would have felt out of place if I hadn't recently finished sewing Nikolai's winter coat (see pic above). I figure having a well-dressed toddler is the only accessory one needs, so we all looked pretty spiffy indeed.

The last candy cane actually belongs to Brad, who got to cycle to the Hill of Tara today. Apparently it's just a few mounds of unknown purpose... but he brought us home a clump of mud in his cleat as a souvenir. (Always good to remember the fam).

The picture is of Nikolai going out for a ride. The pattern was Simplicity 2526, with fabric from Murphey Sheehy's.

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