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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The sky opened up and swallowed them whole

Well, it's all that anyone can talk about today... and is certainly front page news elsewhere. No one is happy... and it is the loss of sovereignty that comes across as most painful aspect to all of this. It is not a great way to start the Christmas shopping season, as everyone feels like saving their money for the rainy days that are befalling the country. However, to take a rather Irish view of it all "ahhh, well... these are dark times, dark times... liers and cheats the lot... but... ahhh... let's focus on the good news".

And the good news would be that Brad's football (soccer) team remains undefeated as they enter in the final game of the playoffs. It's his first year playing, ever, and he's joined the NUIM Engineering staff team. They've beat all the student teams, which must be slightly hard on that student ego... to be beaten by your lecturer. (They even let Brad get some field time... his long legs are rather good at taking the ball away from the opponents... we just wont talk about what happens after he has possession...)

The picture... speaks for itself.

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