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Saturday, November 27, 2010

More to say

While it may be Thanksgiving in the USA, we woke up to snow. In a land without plows or all season tyres, we once again witnessed our neighbours carrying kettles of boiling water out to melt the snow off their cars. I had to stop Brad from saying anything (even though we now know the neighbours... it wouldn't be polite).

Despite the inclement weather, people did gather to protest. 50,000 strong in Dublin today. It seems that some economists think that the Irish bailout (essentially a bailout of the banks) will be much more beneficial for the Germans (and other Eurobanks that invested in the Irish bank bonds) than it will be for Ireland. I tried to find a concise article to back this up and found this blog; this long article; and this protest blog; plus a host of UK based articles which generally resolve with Ireland ditching the Euro and rejoining the Sterling (the Irish only had an independent Punt from 1979 to 1999, so rejoining the Sterling would be a bit of a shift, but not too drastic).

This has been a crazy week blog-wise... but Ireland is a country in crisis, and this is a blog about my Irish life. Ditching the banks would be the best thing to do for the general population... but I don't think that the leadership is able to represent the average person and stand up to intense Euro- and investor-pressure. My bet... is that the budget will fail and all this will be postponed until after an election. Maybe bad for the Eurozone, but sooo much better for the Irish population.

And another snowy picture.

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