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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!

Nikolai had the whole "Trick or Treat" routine down right away. In general, it was a much different experience from Canada. I don't know whether it's the location or what... but there have been very few kids. Also, most of the houses aren't handing out treats... and there is relatively little decorating (in fact no one even answered the door at the most decorated house that we went too!) But it has been a great chance to meet our neighbours. And the treats that he brought home will be fun for Brad and I to eat ;-).

The other interesting thing is... that although we only went to a handful of house (about 10) two of them handed out plastic baggies of loose candy. An absolute no-no from my childhood. But Brad's taking it for the team and eating them anyways. I know the houses that handed them out, and perhaps it indicates, along with the few children that came by (20 ish), that Halloween is more of a neighbourhood based event than the all-out candy grab that I remember from my childhood (well not my childhood, we weren't allowed to use pillow cases or plastic bags to collect our loot... in fact we had the smallest little pumpkins to fill).

My mother sent the costume... and those are our pumpkins!

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Abroad living said...

They were small pumpkins... and that candy had to last for months.

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