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Friday, September 17, 2010

Chaos descends

Claire arrives tomorrow. Our lodger arrives on Sunday. (We have 3 double bed rooms so this does not pose a problem). We've got a car to pick up Claire and decided to maximize this rather infrequent event by buying. So we will pick up our bulk order at the co-op, and buy some storage solutions from Ikea. Phew! And for any future visitors... we won't be able to pick you up... as Brad's license is only good in Ireland for 1 year. He'll have to take an EU driving test if he wants to drive next year.

My son became famous this week, when he stuck his head through the banister in the pub at the GAA during playgroup. In the world of mummy Maynooth it doesn't take long for stories to travel. I'd heard that Lorraine was pregnant with twins from two different people before seeing her myself later that same week. (Her 2 year old daughter told Nikolai that they were having 5, no 7 babies!)

Back to Nikolai and his stuck head... it took 15 mummies, jars of Silcock's base (cream), margarine, etc. to figure out that, even though he got his head through, it wasn't going to come back out. Luckily he's fairly thin, and his body fit through, allowing us to rescue him from the other side. Phew! All anyone can say is "my he's brave", since Nikolai was rather stoic the whole time while we all tried desperately to get him out. (He did cry a bit when his ears got squashed during the attempts at pushing his head through).

The photo is of Nikolai's art from his art class (the only thing I have him enrolled in, and I think the photo speaks for itself as to why we don't do more art at home... the paint continues up his leg, and often also ends up on his face.)

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