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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Vegetarian student DIGS in Maynooth (NUIM)

So this is my first attempt at self-promotion on our blog. And my first attempt to harness the power of google for my own purposes. So please forgive me, regular blog readers, if this is not to your taste.

Anyways, we have decided to let out our spare room for student digs. Basically our visitors were not that frequent (so far only my parents have used the room, although Claire is coming in the fall, but we still have 2 other double beds rooms) and the spare room is too nice to be used for bike storage. The room has a double bed, desk and wardrobe. There is an ensuite bathroom with shower, and it has it's own courtyard. It is very private as it's by the front door, whereas the other bedrooms are at the back of the house.

Student digs (for those of you not in Ireland) means that the renter is provided: breakfast, dinner and a snack. In our case we are vegetarian, and although we advertised on campus, apparently they don't include our vegetarian status in their ad, so we hoped to attract a vegetarian student who might google for digs. We are also fairly gluten free, and could go completely coeliac friendly. (News for those in Canada, but Brad's eczema seems to be responding to a wheat free diet... as is Nikolai's rosy cheeks. Apparently the red, rosy cheeks, that I always thought was because Nikolai was teething, wasn't teething at all --he now has all his teeth, but red cheeks persisted.)

Back to our rental ad, we do have a 2-year old... but the room is private, and Nikolai is on the more well behaved spectrum of children so you should have no problem keeping him out of your space. No smokers. And we'd ask that you get your laundry done on at the laundrette on Main street as our washer is less than prime. Please contact NUIM residence for our phone number, or leave a comment below.

I am somewhat confident that this ad will get searched... provided there are any vegetarians in Ireland (we've yet to meet any in Maynooth, but the co-op is completely vegetarian). Having looked through our recent hits, and found that someone apparently clicked on our website by googling Smithwicks!? I figure we should definitely come up in a search of vegetarian digs.

Today we've decided to have a Nikolai adventure... as he's been so patient while being dragged through museums. We gave him the choice of the Dublin Zoo or a Petting Farm. He chose a Petting Zoo. Even after we explained that he could have either the Zoo or the Petting farm, he is still insisting on going to the Petting Zoo. We'll probably wear our "sand castle shoes", and Nikolai will probably declare the zoo to be "pretty good" even if he doesn't get to pet an elephant.

We bought a new camera... in shocking hot pink (I think I dislike the pink 100% more than Brad does, but it was on a really good sale) so we should have a picture posted tonight! P.S. The picture is of the savanah. The zoo was fab; I don't think Nikolai actually believed that any of these animals really existed outside of stories before going to the zoo. He was absolutely stunned when he saw the first animals (elephants).


Anonymous said...

Totally love your posts Emillie....I see a book in your future. Will look forward to learning about the student you get for your digs..& you will get one. I think Brad's Exzema is mother had it, Brad's grandmother had it, my nieces & nephews have it....lucky it's not diabetes, which is also in our family. Tomatoes also aggravate exzema...never thought about wheat. We live & learn. Totally love your blog. xoxo Diana

Emillie said...

Huh, we'll have to try the tomatoes. Dina suggested Evening Primerose oil, which has also helped. Glad that you enjoy reading the blog, writing is much more worth it if I know that people are reading!

Anonymous said...

Yes a great blog Emillie. Now that I have your address I will be a reader as well. I know what you mean about reading it. I dont know if anyone is reading mine for the fun run raising funds for Noah's Ark Resource Centre. Its kind of weird writing to a vague 'everyone'.
Gavin is gluten free too but it isnt for his skin. Good luck finding a vegie student. Your blog is an interesting read!

Emillie said...

Thanks Dina, I tend to post about once a week, and have a few back logged for times when I'm too busy or uninspired. Here's a link to Dina's blog for those of you who've yet to look at it:

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog through a search of student digs in Maynooth. I realize the post is old, but I thought it was worth asking if the room is still available. I am a PhD student in her last 6 months of work, living in Maynooth and looking for a quiet place to work, so not really 'digs' but just 'SPACE'! If you have (or know of) a room available just for study use, no sleep or food required, I'd appreciate it! My email address is
Thanks - Theresa Hughes

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend, It is by chance I came across your blog.. whilst searching for DIGS accommodation for my daughter who will soon be studying in National University of Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland... is there by any chance you know of anybody who will be willing to accommodate my daughter in their place as a paying guest... only thing it should be near the college... please do reply.. many thanks and regards,

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