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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The taste of Kildare

Today we went to the Taste of Kildare... and if you were on the fence about when to come and visit us (!) you should definitely book in for this weekend next year. It is held at the K-club (another posh golf resort just a short jaunt from our house) and is free. Basically it's a giant tasting festival for all of the poshest restaurants in county Kildare. Every restaurant had about three little tapas items, showing off their fabulous skills. I have never had so much rich food before in my life. Unlike the Taste of Dublin, every bite is free. That would include the samples of wine, champagne, Pimm's and elderflower cordial. (Don't worry we waited a few hours before cycling back home).

Highlights in my bites would have to be:
- All of the chocolate (some of you may be receiving gifts from ChocOneill since it truly was the best chocolate I've ever tasted. Their chocolate mint is made with 3 different varieties of mint that they grow on their farm.)
- The Morrell Restaurant had a fab raspberry pavlova dessert which is being consumed by the toddlers photographed above
- The K-club featured a vegetarian caviar made from agar agar and apple juice that was served with a goat cheese flavoured whip cream; they also served "orange scented air" (basically a heavily whipped juice foam). I'd have to say that they were both a bit like the 30 Rock where Liz was served flavored "oxygen" at a posh party... fancy food, but not much for taste.
- A goat cheese pesto tart was served by Lyons. (We'll probably go there for our next cycle. But I definitely recommend a look at their website. Specifically, under "The village", scroll down to "Design by Renaissance", and read the fourth paragraph, which starts: "At Design by Renaissance we specialise in turn key projects. What we do best is create atmosphere, settings without having to call on bombastic theories or heavy-handed statements." We nearly died laughing... and don't forget: "Nobody really cares if you happen to spill a few drops of very superior old pale cognac in one of Paschal’s rooms.")
- For Claire's visit we may call on Gleann Gabhra for some goat's milk ice cream
- Lastly, we bought some lovely cheese from Castlefarm, and truly wish they were located a bit closer to us.

As for Nikolai (and his friend Layla), they had fun eating WAY too much free desserts, running around the playground and bouncing on the two bouncy castle. We then finished the trip off with a walk around the very ostentatious and beautiful K-club. To ensure that no one was fooled by our fancy dress, we took turns rolling down the grass lawn in front of the hotel (no wine involved, just a lot of sunshine and joie de vivre).

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