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Monday, August 30, 2010

Digs is Done

We now officially have a digs student, and I think the situation will suit us all. He's a third year student, who has references from his last digs home (he moved to be closer to Main Street Maynooth). But what is most exciting is that he'll only be staying from Sunday to Thursday as he likes to go home for the weekend. Thus giving us a bit of a break to do our own thing on the weekend. Hurrah!

And to continue with my GAA stories, Nikolai's friend Keeva (who came over to play today) has a full Kilkenny uniform, socks and all, which is signed by 3 of the Kilkenny Hurling team players. This weekend is another game and they're hoping to have 5 wins in a row. Here's my second Hurrah! of the day, now I'll root for Kilkenny's Hurling team too! (Since I don't have a "home" county yet... I've only lived in Kildare for 8 months now... I figure I can spread my fan-dom around. Besides I have ever so much trouble getting whites to come out clean, I can hardly invest in white Kildare colours. Perhaps Dublin's blues or Kilkenny's black and yellow would suit my washing machine more!)

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