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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stories of Serhat

Brad met Serhat (Sir Hat) when he started his Masters at SFU. Over the years it takes to complete a Masters and PhD, we have become good friends with Serhat (although he's the sort of guy that is friends with EVERYONE he meets. I think it runs in his family, as his mother has always proved equally as friendly, and I can now say for certain that his grandmother is too!). Anyways, we have travelled a few times with Serhat (a few memorable trips include one to the Kootenay's, which has resulted in the jars from Betty's raspberry jam being re-purposed for storing hot red pepper flakes, our trip to Seattle to "help" him with some Canadian immigration documents at the embassy there (subbracket- I think any help pervided was mainly detrimental, as I distinctly remember goofing around in the Canadian Embassy), and of course he toured us around Istanbul on our first trip to Turkey.). To provide a rough friendship timeline, the Nikolai was born the day after Serhat's going away party, but Serhat returned 3 months later for a conference and a visit, so he has met the little Sultan.

To say the least, we have been friends for long enough that when Serhat announced his intentions to marry the lovely Gözde (Gyoz Dey) in the fall, just as we were planning our move to Eire, we naturally promised to come. Well, the practicality of good intentions won out, and I am sad to say that we will not be attending Serhat's wedding. Confused dear reader? Well read on, our reasons were as follows:

- children are generally not allowed at Turkish weddings, so Nikolai would be an exception,

- flights are very expensive over the July 31st weekend and 2-year old Nikolai would need his own ticket (free before 2!),

- and most importantly, with 250 guests at his wedding, how would Serhat have time to visit with us? How would we get to know his sweet bride?

So, instead we have come to Turkey in June. I have so much to blog about our trip, but I promise not to provide a simple itinerary of where we've been, as you can easily research travel information for yourself!

Anyways, blogging on a Turkish keyboard has ıts hazards, so I think I will stop here for today and hope that the characters all come out the way I(İ?) expect!

--Pic added after we got home... it's from a road trip to Castlegar in 2004. Yes, we all managed to fit in my parents' little car for that 8 hour drive. The cat wasn't on the trip. Boy, is it me, or do we look like grad students?!--

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