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Sunday, May 02, 2010

A travel log 3

Galway is a lovely, vibrant city. It has a large-ish student population, and quite the restaurant culture. Nikolai particularly enjoyed the street performers and the labyrinth of canals. In fact, we liked Galway city so much that we opted not to go explore the Aran Islands, but rather just stayed in the town for the two days.

The weather was beautiful so we shopped, explored the University, and hung out at Salthill. Some of Galway highlights would have to include:

My Dad smuggling rocks from the beach in my knitting bag (tucked under his arm due to the weight). He did this because my parents, ever industrious, had decided to landscape my yard. They focused on a sunny and pebbly patch that was next to the patio space in the large yard. Now I have a whimsical garden featuring an assortment of bushes and ground cover (actually purchased by Brad, when he felt pressure to buy some kind of plant when shopping at B&Q with Pat), a collection of rocks (lifted by my mom from several of our holiday destinations), and a few plotted plants. I must say that my garden looks pretty spiffy now, even though my Dad never managed to find that illusive Gnome to put in it! We've even allotted a portion of the garden as "Nikolai's Garden". Exactly how much of the garden belongs to Nikolai is constantly under negotiation as he frequently steels in when no one is look to claim one of the rocks as his own.

We had a great dinner at an authentic Irish restaurant, Riordans. This restaurant was so Irish that they didn't even have the pretensions of serving to a tourist. For example they didn't serve beer because they didn't have room to store the kegs. But it did provide what it was recommended for: large portions of Irish food. I don't think any of us finished our dinner. I wouldn't recommend it for vegetarians as they only have one, not very authentic, vegetarian dish (lasagna, served with steamed carrots, cabbage and chips). But I guess that makes it even more authentic!

-Lastly our bed and breakfast was fantastic, and we would recommend it to anyone. They serve up a full Irish breakfast (again meat focused), so my dad got to try black pudding and white pudding along with all the rest.

As previously noted on the way home from Galway we went to Clonmacnoise and Castlegar.

The picture is from NUI Galway, a different campus of the University Brad is at.

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