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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weather and Babies

Before I continue with stories of Galway I have a few other things I've been hankering to blog about.

First of all the weather. In Ireland the weather is ever changing, so we will be guaranteed to have sun and rain on most days. This past weekend the weather was particularly moody; it went from beautiful sunshine to heavy rains with thunder in a matter of 5 minutes. I know, because we got caught out in it and our umbrella was useless against the downpour. Luckily the rain in Ireland is warm in comparison to the rain in Vancouver. The ambient temperature can be the same in both places, but 15 deg and raining in Vancouver is cold enough to wear a coat, whereas in Maynooth you're fine in sandals.

The other interesting thing about the weather is the way it's reported. The RTE weatherpersons must have kissed the Blarney Stone, as they provide very descriptive weather reports. I invite you to check out the link. It gives me a little giggle every morning.

The following is our weekend forecast (copied and pasted straight from the national network's weather page): "The weather is set to be on the cool, fresh side for the Bank Holiday Weekend with winds adopting a more northerly aspect. Some rain or showers across Ireland on Friday and Saturday, with some heavy or prolonged showers in places. Windy on Saturday also with a stiff northeasterly wind. But it should be much drier for the rest of the holiday weekend, with just well scattered showers on Sunday, and most places dry on Monday. Temperatures will be in the low to mid teens at best. Rainfall below normal, with a good deal of dry weather in most places."

While the forecasted weather is not overly optimistic, I enjoy the reference to "unseasonably cold weather" as fresh. Who wouldn't be pleased with "fresh" weather and "well scattered showers". I assure you our weather forecast is poetic every day.

And the second part of my post is about babies, as all of a sudden all my friends are having babies. This weekend alone promises to hold the birth of two new babes. My friends Leah and Paul in Vancouver are probably pushing as I write this, and I'm hoping that my friend Elaine hasn't yet gone into labour as I'm supposed to head to her house for tea this afternoon. Best of luck to both of you. ~to be fair popping out babies in Ireland is hardly something to write home about. Nearly all of Nikolai's friends in Maynooth have a new baby at home, as I've mentioned before having two under two is rather common. The child benefit rates are pretty generous, and actually encourage you to have more children as the rate per child goes up with the more children you have. ~It tops off at €1,422 per month if you have 8 children.~ I think that we'll try to apply too!

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