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Friday, April 16, 2010

The volcanic eruption fall out

For those of you who've read the news... yes flights in Ireland (and much of Europe) have been grounded due to the volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

For us, that meant a very cloudy day yesterday despite predictions of sun. Luckily, it's blown further west today and we have clear sunny skies; flights are resuming. My parents fly out on Sunday, so hopefully they won't have any problems with their flight. The only possible problem is that their flight connects through Frankfurt in Germany... and Germany may still be covered in volcanic ash. However, Lufthansa has promised to reroute them as necessary, so providing no further volcanic eruptions, they should be good to go on Sunday as planned.

For fun, I've included a picture of Brad in front of the sign for Castlegar in Ireland (one of a few Castlegars). This particular Castlegar required a drive down a one lane road to a collection of a handful of farmsteds definitely off the beaten track. We got the big stare down from the locals as we took our photos. I'm sure that we'll be the talk of the town for the next week!

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