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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A travel log

Well, the volcano has stopped erupting, everyone has recovered from the Strep, and my parents are taking a few days in Cork before they fly home, so I finally have a chance to blog about our travels.

We rented a car for 6 days, with Brad as the only driver. Our trip has been pretty much laid out in the photos that I've posted over the past few days, but I'll share some highlights and insights in this travel log.

Our first day trip was to Glendalough, a Monastic settlement in the Wicklow mountains. Coming from BC, the mountains certainly weren't specatcular for their height, but they were picturesque in a rugged sort of way, covered in thorny bushes, gorse, and sheep.

The second day trip was to Newgrange. A stoneage based temple that is older than stonehenge and the pyramids. It was fairly impressive in size, and the roof had never been altered, and still remains water-tight, so clearly they had good engineers. The most impressive thing about Newgrange, is that they designed the doorway in such a way that the ONLY time light enters the temple is the sunrise on the winter solstice. It has a sister temple that ONLY lights up during the sunset on the solstice -not open to the public-. They did a recreation of the winter solstice light while we were in the temple, which did not impress Nikolai at all. "Light on, light back on now" interupted our poor tour guide's shpiel. The picture is of the enterence to Newgrange.

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great story....we are learning some interesting Irish history through your blogs.....thanks!!! Diana

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