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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday night we were sitting around chatting about the flight cancellations and made bets as to when my parents would actually get to fly out. I guessed Friday, Brad guessed Saturday and my mom (having finally come to the realization of how problematic the situation was) was hopeful for a Thursday flight. My dad did not offer a guess as he was on the phone.

He spent 1/2 hour waiting to talk to Lufthansa, only to be told that his flight was cancelled (duh) and that they were no longer responsible for him since they weren't his primary air carrier. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone to Air Canada he found out that they didn't think that they were responsible for him either as they had got their tickets through Areoplan points. Apparently Areoplan didn't think that they were responsible for ensuring my parents flights home either.

Then we watched the evening news... and as I'm sure everyone who has been fallowing the news knows... everything is literally up in the air. (Pardon the pun). Unfortunately no one knows WHEN the volcano will stop erupting. And so we find ourselves in the middle of what will likely be the news story of the year. And I'm revising my estimates of a departure time to two weeks from today.

We've decided to revert back to real life from vacation land. So today I got some chores done, Brad joined his crew for a cycle, and my parents are doing their best to telecommute.

On the upside, the volcanic dust does not appear to be affecting our sunny skies. The only thing we noticed was a slightly yellowish haze on the horizon. Barbecues for all!

The photo is from the Giants Causeway. A very lovely walk, and ironically volcanic.

**Update: Areoplan came through, and my parents now have a return flight booked for Friday. We're hopeful that things will have cleared up by then!**

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