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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chickening out

With the sunny weather arriving we were getting broody and our nesting instinct kicked in, big time. Last night I was woken up to the sounds of a howling winter storm and was shocked off my perch and landed right back into reality. As such, we will not be getting chickens. As much as it seems like an easy and simple thing to do, that does not make it a good idea for us to do it! And to think that we'd spent yesterday ordering the birds and coop, etc off the Internet!

There are two basic problems... first is that the cost of set up (more than €250) would not justifiably be returned in number of eggs. Secondly, we want to travel, and are planning on spending 3 weeks back in Vancouver over the Christmas holidays... and asking someone to take care of our coop of non-laying birds for that length of time would be pushing the boundaries of Irish hospitality.

However, today (despite the forecast) is a brilliant and sunny day. Nikolai and I attended a fundraiser tea held by the Cancer Society at the Glenroyal hotel. And Brad and I have moved on to our next "hair-brained" idea. Details to follow as it manifests itself over the course of the summer ;-)

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