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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The cost of power

We've received our first electricity bill and it's a shocker. We knew that electricity was more expensive, we just never knew how MUCH more expensive it is.

We come from a land of cheap energy. When our hydro bills got adjusted to the new rating system consumers were upset by the cost increase... that small increase was nothing! We are now up to €0.141 per kWh (much more than the $0.06 to $0.08 we're use to paying).

It's true that all our appliances are designed for efficiency; our oven and refrigerator are VW van sized, our combo wash/dryer doesn't really dry so we now hang dry everything. And this is reflected in our usage: we only used 307 kWh last month in comparison to the 403 kWh that we typically used in Victoria (both of these usage rates don't include heating or hot water so it's a fair comparison. I'm afraid to find out what our gas bill is! Our 2 hot water tanks are heated by gas, then the hot water is pumped through the house radiators.).

Anyways, the Electricity Supply Board has two 'utilities' to help you reduce your power consumptions. They are pretty nifty, so I'm going to share them with you. This is a calculator that helps you figure out how much electricity each of your appliances use. This is a 3-D funhouse with advice on how to save power. So even though the cost of power may be cheap... it will still help you save money. If that's not a strong enough incentive think about it this way... what kind of power generation plant would you like in your community (nuclear, fuel burning, more dams, etc.)? --sorry about that dive into my granola (currently oatmeal) self--

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