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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're very sad that to be missing the Olympics. The Irish don't generally participate in snow sports and thus don't really even know the winter Olympics are on. My theory is that the big take over by the Irish team of Doolin's pub in downtown Vancouver is more of a tourism bid than anything else. Notice on the official Ireland Olympic site that London 2012 features more prominantly than Vancouver 2010!

I had thought that the Olympics would be a way for me to feel city pride as everyone watched the panorama of my beautiful city, as a back drop to the biggest sporting event of the year. Apparently, Vancouver 2010 is only important to ex-pat Vancouverites, as is evidenced by the Irish newspapers. So instead the Olympics has turned into a major sore homesickness point for Brad and myself.

So we're watching things 3rd hand. It took us 3 days to finally find and watch the opening ceremonies. Unlike the Tyee, I really liked the technology used in the ceremonies. Apparently the Slam Poet Shane Koyczan has become an instant success. I thought his performance was OK, but I really enjoy The Fugitives' Barbara Adler, so if you're new to the Slam Poetry scene, you may want to check them out.

Well, Nikolai is about 10% Irish now, has made a number of friends, and he doesn't care one bit about the Olympics. He just wants his friends Michael and Eoin to come over and play.

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