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Friday, February 19, 2010


We got our gas bill last night and it was bad. Absolutely unbelievably bad. And it's not like we're living in a sauna, we aren't even heating half of the rooms! I think part of Nikolai's pottying success is because he doesn't want to get his pants and leggings wet. 250€ for 1.5 months. Can you believe it? I texted our landlord and called the gas company to double check that they actually read OUR meter. And try as I might I couldn't make the bill go away. So if you come to visit bring a sweater... and make sure it's wool!

The above photo features the wall and our courtyard... perhaps part of our heating problem? The insulation is nil and you can feel the cold wind blow across our floorboards. This weekend we're going to get something to seal up those cracks. While it might not do that much for us at least we'll FEEL like we're doing something!

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