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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Riding the Royal Canal

Two mornings this week we woke up to snow. The locals seem to have grown accustomed to the snow... and we ourselves embraced this snow. Nikolai crunched in the snow with his boots, ate a lot of snow ("it's yummy") and we made a snowman. However today Nikolai is expressing a lot of concern because the snowmas is "sick." We are glad for this because it's finally time to get back on a bike!

Last week I borrowed a bike from a mom I met at the playgroup (she's 8 months pregnant and has a 14 month old toddler, so not biking anywhere at the moment) and the bike seat we ordered arrived so we finally got out for a ride. --On a side note the bike seat came in a box 3 times larger than necessary so Nikolai also got a playhouse out of the deal.

Finally getting out for a ride though changed my mind's eye view of cycling in Ireland. Picture quiet country roads, rolling hills, warm sun beating down on our smiling faces. Replace that image with narrow streets, fast cars who aren't really all that interested in the cyclists on the side of the road and weather that was only warm enough to slightly melt the snowman. I think my main issue was that it was my first time with a bobbing Nikolai on the back of the bike (go, go go!) and riding on the wrong (left?) side of the road. So after 2 blocks of me being confused about which lane to be in we hopped onto the sidewalk bike lanes. Phew!

For the Baba's and Grandma's worried about little Kolya in traffic, Brad has been cycling with a crew for the past few weekends so he kept me on the left.

We went to check out the Royal Canal Way, which is lovely and paved in Maynooth. We headed in the Dublin direction and enjoyed the nice surface all the way until we hit the main Carton golf course enterence. After that it turned into a dirt (mud) path that my back wheel sank into under Nikolai's added weight. Ah well.... we'll try the other direction next time, it's supposed a bit better.

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