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Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Work

I wanted to quickly blog about Brad's job (on his behalf, since he's too busy to blog). Anyways, I would have to say that Brad is really enjoying his position. He's only been there 3 weeks, but there is so much going on. He is part of 2 national projects that are very multi-disciplinary. I wont delve into the details about what he's working on... since I could hardly do it justice. However, he's already had two meeting-of-minds (one for each project). Last week he went to Waterford for a day, then he spent yesterday in Dublin. Apparently these meetings happen almost monthly... and usually involve a 2-day trip. I'm saving my pennies so I can join him on the trip to Cork!

The teams include researchers from campuses all over Ireland and are unique in that they include Psychologist, Philosophers (etc.) to help inform the Engineers and Mathematicians. I guess the cross-communication between the two types of brains can been laboursome... but I think that it's a very good idea! Perhaps if Microsoft employed a few more Psychologists I wouldn't be struggling with the "new and improved Windows 7" that came with our computer.

I think the highlight from these talks so far, for Brad, would be the lunch that he had yesterday at the Guinness brewery. Apparently it doesn't suffer from rip-off pricing. He expressly recommended that we go back so that I could try the lentil loaf and the Guinness mousse.

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