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Sunday, February 07, 2010

I am finally going to blog about our new house. (As promised, Mom!)

We went from a fantastic view that included a waterfall, a dog walking park, the gorge waterway (complete with barges and the bay street bridge) to a view of a wall. It's a rather nice wall, with a full diverse ecosystem of moss and lichen species and ivy tumbling over the top. But still most of our windows literally face the wall. We figure it's a perfect house to practice a Naturalist lifestyle since you can leave all the curtains and blinds open and still be completely private.

Above is my, rather poor, attempt to draw the floor plan of the house. Nothing is to scale, and the relative scale between the rooms is also completely wrong... so take it in that manner. All the bedrooms have double beds (which are more like North American Queen-sized beds, but slightly longer and narrower), and a wardrobe, so Nikolai scored the biggest room so that we could fit his cot (crib) and storybook chair in the room. The trade-off is that he also has to have the laundry drying rack in his room, which is probably fine by him since hanging up clothes with the clothes pegs is his favorite activity.

FYI~: you can click on the image to make it large enough to read.

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