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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chips and Salsa

Yesterday I went out to buy some supplies for a Mexican meal. Brad was going to be making some refried beans and we were set for a yummy dinner. The man at the first grocery store required a two minute explaination before he figured out what I was asking for. "Oh, you mean selsa... no we don't have any... but we could get some in if it's something that would interest you."

So, I went to the giant Tesco's outlet where it took two people to figure out what I was saying. "You put it on chips... corn chips... corn crisps? It's a dip made of tomatoes..." After looking at the selection I realized that I would have to make my own. I did; however, manage to buy some corn chips. Tescos has a huge isle filled, on both sides, with only different types of crisps, and despite the massive array of "chips", they only had one choice for corn chips.

This Tesco's also carries 'Tim Hortons' donuts. The display sits in the bakery section, looking ever so much like the typical Canadian donut display. It costs 85 cents for a donut... at the current exchange rate that puts you back about $1.35 each. By comparison the all butter croissant located next door costs 40 cents. Generally there are pleanty of croissants left on the rack, but the donut rack is usually empty. I guess there must be a lot of homesick Canadian suckers. Even though it is not something that I would EVER eat in real life, I have bought and consumed one of the Tesco's donuts parading under the Tim Horton's donut. Now, I have eaten enough timbits in my life to know what all the different types taste like... and that donut was unlike any donut I've ever eaten. The closest taste equivalent would be a chocolate dipped tea cake. I think I'll be sticking to the potato farls for now.

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