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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two week tantrum

Today was a day of tantrums. It felt like we had a tantrum for nearly 75% of Nikolai's waking hours. My initial thoughts were that he had finally clued in that we were not just on holiday, and that the nebulous "home" was so very far away.

Unfortunately we had chosen today to go into Dublin to get our PPSNs (like a social insurance number). Even more unfortunate was my decision to stay in Dublin and shop with Nikolai, rather than taking the train back to Maynooth with Brad. We had a tantrum in the cafe at lunch over nothing. We cried on our way back to the train station (I WANT TO WALK, BUT I DON'T WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND). We cried on the train (I WANT TO NURSE WITHOUT THE COVER -aside: Ireland has only a 20% nursing rate, so I'm insisting on using a cover in public-). And on the way home from the train station I gave in and carried the Bear rather than have another fight about sitting in the stroller.

The tantrums continued at home (NO UNDERWEAR, NO DINNER, NO WATER -resulting in a broken glass, and NO PJ'S). Phew! Those of you who know Nikolai, know that this is not his typical style of being. So it should come as no surprise to find out that I think the poor guy is still sick. His fever is gone, but we discovered at bedtime that most of his torso is covered in a red rash. Apparently he's got roseola.... so I feel a bit guilty about feeling frustrated by the tantrums. Hopefully he's feeling better tomorrow.

FYI I promise that this will be Ireland filled soon. I'm already starting to write some observations down... it's just that breaking news takes priority.

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