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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exploring Maynooth

Riding on Papa's shoulders down Carton Avenue

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, so we stayed in town and toured the sites and sounds of Maynooth.

First we hit the farmer's market. In winter it's a small affair, with a local farmer, someone who sells organic dried goods, and a baker. As the farmer mentioned... this winter was hard on her crops so she didn't have as much to sell. However, she did have spinach, salad greens, and a plethora of roots and brassicas. I'm not sure what she would have had if the weather had been better! (A note on that, our county is still loosing 16% of it's water supply due to infrastructure that broke during the frost. They're asking people to conserve, wherever possible.)

We had a most delicious pie from the baker. In general we are VERY excited about the farmer direct organic veggie prices... soooo much cheaper than what we had in Vancouver and Victoria. Likely because we are so close to the farms... and they have to compete with the allotments. The Maynooth allotments are the size of a small farm and cost around €300 a year. I can tell that Brad secretly REALLY wants to get one (they are only a quick trot away from our house)... but with all our travel plans... I don't think it's a good idea.

Anyways, then we explored the picturesque NUIM South campus, complete with "the historical ambiance of Gothic quadrangles, atmospheric cloisters, the sublime College Chapel, and the ruined Geraldine castle".

After Kolya's nap we cruised down Carton Avenue to check out the Carton House hotel, which is located in the historical seat of British rule in Leinster, and associated golf course (voted best in Europe in 2009 -green fees are €100, so I might have to skip that local pleasure).

On the domestic front, Nikolai must be feeling more settled because he's resumed pottying and is better than ever! We've only had 1 miss so far this weekend. Phew. And I have already started on my painting goal, and a picture of a pear (in Claire's honour) now adorns our fireplace.

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