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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunshine and roundabouts

Phew the first two weeks were probably more difficult than typical, due to the extreme weather (plumbers are still working around the clock to fix all the burst pipes) and then Nikolai's roseola. Now that Nikolai is better and back to his goofy, happy self and the weather's nice, we've been out to the Maynooth playground.

The Maynooth playground is easily the best thing about Maynooth. That isn't to say that Maynooth is not a great place, it is a great place... this playground is the MOST FANTASTIC playground that Nikolai and I have ever been to (and we are frequent playground explorers). It has about 7 different aspects... there is adult exercise equipment (hard to imagine, but it's very good quality), a full sized soccer pitch, a pint sized soccer pitch, the canal runs beside it (and the ducks know where to beg), there is integrated outdoor equipment (also hard to describe but it includes a giant hammock swing and a slide running down the side of a hill), big kid play ground, and a very well appointed toddler playground. Nikolai LOVES the playground and I think we'll start to attend it daily.

Here's a link to the county's site that includes only the equipment in the big kid playground and the toddler playground. I'll try to get my own pic of the slide tower which contains 3 slides and is easily 2 stories tall. Thank goodness Nikolai hasn't ventured over to that part of the playground yet!

Maynooth Playground Pics

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