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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The view of "our wall" from the kitchen.

One day of warm'ish weather, and the snow is effectively gone. A bit of slush here and there, but the sidewalks and roads are nearly clear.

Kolya's fever peaked at 39.9 and he had us worried for a few days. It has dropped down again, and while he's still a bit under the weather, I think he'll be 100% very soon.

The Hamilton Institute is looking like a fine place to be: I've been warmly greeted and shown where the coffee machine is :). Oddly, I'm looking forward to those first group meetings.

And it looks like the garden experiments will continue! Our landlord dropped by yesterday, and said no problem to gardening in our back yard. We still have to run some figures by to see how big of a plot we'll use, as most likely we will be making a raised bed: our costs will be for the tools, wood and soil, none of which we currently have. But we have our seeds!



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